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What you get when you sign with Stottler Homes, Inc...

Stottler Homes, Inc., owned and operated by Joe Stottler.   Joe wears many hats as he has many years of building experience with the physical construction of the home as well as performing the general contractor role. We will provide you with exceptional customer service, superior quality, and craftsmanship. Stottler Homes is very conscientious and has exceptional attention to detail, which is exactly what you want when you invest in one of the largest purchases in your life. 

Stottler Homes helps you through every steps of the building process and builds a quality custom home you are sure to fall in love with. Stottler Homes is leading the way with their well balanced floor plans that bring spacious rooms to a medium size ranch.  Other builders, home buyers, and land developers are spinning off of our designs to try and bring life back to this slow in home building. 

Our current home owners are giving us great feedback.  Many people are pulling up and knocking on the door of our home owners asking them who built their home, who designed their home, and as simple as what colors they have on their home.  With all of our homes, we put in extra amenities that set us apart from our competitors.  We are striving to achieve energy star ratings with the structure and mechanical components.  So not only do our homes help save you money in utilities, but they look great too. 

With a Stottler Home, we will guarantee that the home you are buying is as well built as it looks on the outside.  The framing and mechanics are as nice as the aesthetics that you can visually see inside and out.  Unfortunately, not all builders are doing what's best for the home buyers.  When you are looking at the finished homes, they appear to all be the same with only price differences.  We will point out what is done at Stottler homes to preserve the integrity of your home and give you the guidelines that we follow so you can ask educated questions and understand where your money is being invested.

Please check out our current projects and feel free to give us a call.

Joe Stottler, Owner
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Kelly Stottler, Designer
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Stottler Homes
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